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Club Requirements
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Membership Requirements
Attend 3 monthly meetings and 2 trail rides in a one year period. For more information and a membership application, please attend on of our meetings at the following location.

Vehicle Requirements
K & I is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote four-wheeling in a safe and organized environment.
To help keep the runs safe, your vehicle MUST meet the following requirements:

Required Equipmet:
  • Seat belt for each occupant in the vehicle.
  • Fully charged, easy access fire extinguisher.
  • Roll bar for any vehicle with a removable top.
  • A valid driver's license and proof of liability insurance (minimum).
  • Tow hooks mounted on your vehicle front and back.
  • A first Aid kit
  • No alcohol on trail rides, driver or passenger. Most if not all of the places we go are either dry counties or is in the National Forest where alcohol is prohibited anyway.

Equipment that is not required, but is HIGHLY recommended:
  • Keeper or similar tow strap WITHOUT metal hooks. (metal hooks can become a deadly projectile if the strap breaks).
  • CB Radio
  • Tools
  • Full size spare
  • Spare parts

A few more Club rules are:
  • No littering on the trails. There is a $1.00 fine for every piece of trash that hits the ground.
  • Unnecessary reckless driving will not be tolerated. There are children in the Club and we have to guard their safety.
  • You must keep your vehicle on the trails at all times, unless absolutely necessary.
  • When on a trail ride, keep the person behind you in sight. This helps with safety and prevents people from getting lost or stranded.
  • Familiarize yourself with all K & I Bylaws, paying particular attention to Article XII, paragraph 6 - "All events must be conducted in an orderly manner with safety as the prime factor".
  • We support and follow the TREAD LIGHTLY! program.

The requirements and rules are made so that everyone can have a good time, the trails remain in good condition, and everyone completes the trails as safely as possible!
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