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ReVised By-Laws
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K&I Four Wheelers Bylaws
Article I: Name

This organization shall be known as “K & I Four Wheelers, Inc. 1677 Cheak St. Louisville, KY 40213. (Kentucky and Indiana Four Wheelers)

The K&l Four Wheelers, Inc. name shall be represented by the K&I logo and with its present design, on all clothing, banners, posters, and novelties for any K&l sponsored events. The use of the K&l Four Wheelers, Inc. name and logo on clothing, banners, posters, and novelties is prohibited without approval of the Executive Committee.
Article II: Objects

K & I Four-Wheelers, Inc. is organized as a non-profit organization for the purpose of:
A. Providing social, educational, and recreational activities for its membership;
B. Participating in and supporting civic activities for the betterment of the local Kentuckiana area.

Article Ill: Membership and Dues

Owners of off-road vehicles and other interested persons are eligible for membership in K & I Four Wheelers, Inc., but only four-wheeled vehicles shall be operated on Club outings.

The total number of memberships shall not exceed the limit established by the Executive Committee. Each membership includes the immediate family; however, voting power is restricted to the applicant and his/her spouse.

All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion, whether in or out of Club activities. Any member disgracing himself/herself in the public eye could be immediately subject to dismissal by the Executive Committee after a hearing.

An applicant for membership must be sponsored by a member in good standing.

Applicants for membership must be at least 16 years of age, must hold a valid drivers license, and must show a minimum of personal liability and property insurance on their vehicles, so as to hold K & I Four Wheelers, Inc. harmless from litigation.
Applicants for membership must properly fill out an application form and submit it to the K & I Four Wheelers, Inc. Executive Committee. They must attend two K &I events, comprised of meetings or runs, within a one-year period, before being eligible for vote by the members present at the next general meeting.
The vote will be a written, secret ballot that will be collected by the Executive Committee. Notification of the results of the vote will be in the form of a letter to the applicant from the Secretary. New members will be congratulated at the next meeting, at which time they will pay their dues according to Article Ill, Paragraph 8.

Dues for this organization shall be determined by the Executive Committee and shall be based on the membership year. The fiscal year shall run from January 1st through December 31st. Membership renewal dues shall be due as of January 1, of the fiscal year. Those persons joining during the year shall pay dues in an amount equal to the annual dues divided by 12 (months), times the number of months remaining in that fiscal year. There may be a 30-day grace period on membership renewal. Any member whose dues are 30 days late shall be dropped from this organization. A delinquent member may be reinstated upon approval of the Executive Committee, provided all unpaid dues are paid in full, plus a penalty of $2.00 per each 30 days in arrears, and provided a vacancy exists. After one year, a member who is delinquent must be reinstated as a new member.

Members shall immediately notify the Secretary upon a change of home address, mailing address, and/or telephone number.

Resignation of any member shall be in writing and be submitted to the Secretary.

Membership may be revoked at any time by decision of the Executive Committee in total.

A free one-year membership will be given to members in good standing who attend all official, monthly club runs during the current year. Official monthly club runs are scheduled by the Trailmaster, approved by the Executive Committee, and announced at least one regular meeting prior to the event. Special “called” runs, such as snow runs, will not be included in the requirement, nor will they be used to count for or replace official monthly club runs.

A lifetime membership will be given to members that have remained in good standing for 20 consecutive years.

A free one-year membership will be provided to the secretary for the year being served.

Article IV: Charter Members

Charter Members are members in good standing as of the date the charter is adopted.
Article V: Meetings

Meetings shall be held the day, time, and place determined by the Executive Committee.

At any regularly scheduled meeting, in order to conduct the business of the Club, a quorum will be set at 40% of the Club membership and at least three officers in attendance.

Article Vi: Administrative and Officers

The officers of K & I Four-Wheelers, Inc. shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trailmaster, Sergeant at Arm, and Environmental Affairs/Social & Community Service officer. They, with the immediate past President, shall be known as the Executive Committee. It shall be their duty to draw up the agenda for all Executive Committee meetings and membership meetings.

Further duties of the Executive Committee shall be to conduct the day-to-day business; to take such actions as might best fulfill the aims of this organization, and to audit the books of the previous administration. The Executive Committee shall meet as necessary, and three members shall constitute a quorum of that body.

The office of President may be held for a maximum of two full terms in succession. The person holding the office of President is not eligible to hold any office for the next full term, following his/her term(s) as President. (Per Paragraph I above: The immediate past President shall be a member of the Executive Committee.)

The office of Treasurer may be held by the same person for any number of terms, due to the bonding requirements. A person just completing a term as Treasurer is immediately eligible to hold any other Club office in the next term.

The office of Environmental Affairs may be held for any number of terms, due to the interface and relationships required for effective communications with various environmental agencies and government bodies.

The offices of Vice President, Secretary, Trailmaster, and Sergeant at Arms may each be held for a maximum of two full terms. Persons just completing a term in one of these offices are immediately eligible to hold any other Club office in the next term.

A full term is considered one complete fiscal year, as defined in Article Ill Paragraph 8 of this document. Serving as an officer for part of a term due to a vacancy shall not constitute a full term.

No office shall be added to the Club except by a vote by a majority of the membership, through a By-Laws change as dictated in Article XIV Paragraph I of this document.

Article VII: Duties and Powers of Officers

The President shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and membership meetings, and be present at all events when possible. He/she shall be the Executive Officer and shall have the duty to carry out the policies and decisions of the Executive Committee.

The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, serve in that capacity. He/she shall also serve as a Parliamentarian and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee.

The Secretary shall keep and preserve all records and minutes of the regular membership meetings and the Executive Committee meetings; keep a file system of membership; receive and answer all correspondence pertaining to the organization; and notify all members of the meeting place, time, and day.

The Treasurer shall keep accurate and complete records of the funds and accounts of this organization and shall collect all dues, maintaining a record thereof. He/she shall make only such disbursements from the funds of the organization as are directed by the Executive Committee and Article VIII hereof. He/she shall furnish quarterly financial reports.

The Trailmaster shall be responsible for planning and conducting trail rides and all other vehicular Club activities.

The Sergeant at Arms shall be responsible for order at Club functions. He/she shall be responsible for keeping role at each monthly meeting of Club members and visitors. He/she will distribute Club information sheets, application sheets, and Club By-Laws to visitors. He/she shall coordinate with the Trailmaster about all attendees at Club-sanctioned outings and report to the Executive Committee when visitors are eligible for membership.

The Environmental Affairs/Social & Communicty Service officer shall establish contacts with Local, State, and/or Federal agencies as necessary to understand environmental policies existing and/or being proposed that have effects on OHV use and K&l Four Wheelers, Inc. The officer will report monthly at the Club meeting as to current/recent activities in these areas.

The Executive Committee present may, at any time, override the decision of any one officer or member, when necessary.

Article VIII: Expenditures and Finance

All monies received from all sources shall immediately be turned over to the Treasurer to be deposited in the checking and/or savings account of K & I Four Wheelers, Inc. The Treasurer shall be bonded to cover the amount of Club assets on deposit

All disbursements over $25.00 shall be made only with the approval of the Executive Committee. A Petty Cash Fund of $25.00 will be set up to cover smaller expenditures. All expenditures shall be made by check, and the purpose of each check shall be itemized in the proper record.

Article IX: Committees

Committees shall be designated by the President and answer to the Executive Committee.

Article X: Elections

The membership shall meet and elect officers for each fiscal year at the regular December membership meeting. The newly elected officers shall take office on January 1st Voting shall be in person and not by proxy or mail.

A nominating committee consisting of a chairman and two members in good standing shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to nominate one or more candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trailmaster, Sergeant at Arms, and Environmental Affairs/Social & Community Service officer. The candidates must be regular members in good standing. Candidates for the office of Treasurer must be bondable, with bond to be paid by the Club. At all elections, nominating for any office may be made from the floor.

Balloting for each office shall be in separate successive sequence by secret ballot. All ballots must be counted and checked by three members other than the nominees.

A majority of the votes is necessary for election to any office. Should no candidate have a majority after the first vote, the candidate with the lowest number of votes shall be dropped and this process continued until one candidate receives a majority of votes.

In the event of a vacancy in any office, a vote by the majority membership present shall elect a member in good standing to fulfill the unexpired term.

In case of a tie in any election or vote, and only in this case, the President shall cast the tie-breaking vote.

Article XI: Impeachment

Any officer of K & I Four Wheelers, Inc. may be impeached by a majority vote of the entire membership.

Article XII: Events

All events shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

All members, including the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms, are responsible to the direction of the Trailmaster from the set time of the beginning of an event to the termination of an event

All events must be conducted in an orderly manner with safety as the prime factor.

In order to participate in any event, the driver must hold a valid drivers license and the vehicle must be covered by liability insurance. All four-wheeled vehicles must be equipped with an easily accessible, fully charged fire extinguisher, roll bar, and seat belts for each occupant. These hardware requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Trailmaster or Sergeant at Arms.

All competitive events determined by the Executive Committee present to be hazardous shall be under the direct authority, supervision, and control of the Executive Committee present. The Executive Committee shall approve entrance classifications and regulations for various events and shall approve all trophies and awards to be presented. Any or all officers present shall constitute the Executive Committee at these functions.

All members and guests participating in an event shall abide by the Motor Vehicle Code of the state concerned and by the laws and regulations of the city, county, or the circumstances concerned. The welfare and reception of the Club depends upon the character it gains with the city, county, state, and federal authorities. Any flagrant violation of the codes is sufficient for the removal of membership privileges. (See Article Ill, paragraph 3.)

ArtIcle XIII: Rules and Procedures

Unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws, Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised Edition) shall govern parliamentary procedure.

The Executive Committee shall draw up a set of rules and regulations for governing the Club in its activities and, on an individual, personal basis, for the conduct of each member, as needed.
OPTION: The incoming Executive Committee has the power to change any rules set up by the previous Executive Committee pertaining to Article XIII, Paragraph 2.

Article XIV: Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended at a regular membership meeting by a majority vote of the membership present.

Any amendment must be presented to the membership at the regular monthly meeting preceding that in which the vote is to be taken.

Revision 1 to these by-laws approved by majority vote of entire membership of K&l Four Wheelers, Inc. at called Special Meeting during the K&l Summer Picnic, August 16, 2003.
Rev. 1: Added Environmental Affairs officer as permanent office and member of Executive Committee at December meeting — December 12, 2003.
Revision 2 to these by-laws were approved by majority vote of the entire membership of K&I Four Wheelers, Inc at the regular monthly meeting on May 5, 2015.
Rev. 2: Ammended the requirements for becoming a member - They must attend two K &I events, comprised of meetings or runs, within a one-year period, before being eligible for vote by the members present at the next general meeting.
Last revised 5/5/2015